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   The Magnificent Seven

  5. Richelieu

   Chicken.Kiev recommend!
Sushi bar «Pushistiy»
Location: Downtown
Cuisine: Japanese
Price: from $30 to $40 per person
discount 5%
Chicken.Kiev recommend!
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Restaurant "Trypillya"

Dont miss it! 16th of October is a Birthday party of "Trypillya" restaurant!
Celebrating the Birthday of the "Trypillya" restaurant and hotel complex with us you will definitely feel the unforgettable atmosphere of "The Trypillya Bred Festival" which takes place at Saturday 16th of October

This evening only for you:
  • Enchanting atmosphere from Dmitriy Burundukov & Egor Pchyolkin
  • Bred creation ceremony
  • Trypillya dancing master-class
  • Competition "Trypillya quest"
  • Competition of food receipts, tasting and enormous number of presents

Special guests: "Eurovision 2004" participants the ballet "Zhittya" and DJ Small
The beginning: at 17-00
The telephone for booking: 585-55-66, 050-351-78-42

Restaurant Trypillya

Restaurant "O'Panas"

In the restaurant "O'Panas", conveniently situated in the very center of the city, in one of the most picturesque parks of Kyiv, you can revel in Ukrainian dinner uniqueness. The Ukrainian interior made in the country style of the 30s marks it out gainfully among the other similar places.

Restaurant O'Panas

Restaurant "Seif"

When the night comes were drawing into a faerie world of beautiful life, life of glamour, famous people and dangerous adventures. "Seif" is a right place to meet new interesting people or spend a romantic evening. At "Seif" restaurant on its ground with soft ivory furniture and luxury ceiling lamps you can feel yourself as a real noble. It feels so nice to stay in the downtown enjoying the coziness of Kievs patio, surrounded by ancient buildings.

Restaurant Seif

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