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   The Magnificent Seven

  5. O`Panas

   Chicken.Kiev recommend!
Pizzeria «Chelentano»
Location: Pechersk
Cuisine: Italian
Price: from $10 to $20 per person
Chicken.Kiev recommend!
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Under lock and key...

"One way ticket, one way ticket" Alas, this popular song from the late 70's did not play on that day in the Safe cocktail night bar. However, a popular mix of the sounds from the 20th and 21st centuries pounded around the place for the guests at the party.

Bare-bottomed Gay-Js entertained the crowd and the denim-tweed youth wearing dragonfly glasses, tight pants, blouses, and sweaters erotically swung their hips to the beat. A cocktail on the house warmed the guests' insides. An erotic movie on the big screen erected the mood. A bit more, and some of the guests literally jumped out of their pants. Two nice looking couples, undressed down to the waist, and imitated sexual intercourse. The crowd went wild!

The heat was really on at this 70's style party! Everything would have been great if the night was not so short






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Budmo, hey! (Let's be!) The first thing which comes to my mind... No, that's not what I should say. The first picture which my imagination paints when I hear the words "the Ukrainian cuisine" is an episode from the movie of Hohol's "Evenings in the hamlet near Dykanka", where varenyky, having rolled around by themselves in sour cream, jump into Patsiuk(The Rat)'s mouth. What a great moment! What a great delicacy! And what a great way to eat it! It is certainly a pity that nobody has yet invented a "remote control for the mouth and the plate", and the above method of delivering food into the mouth is just the devil's trick or Hohol's project that is impossible to implement. But then, the amount of halushky (by the way, in a big, big bowl) is just right for our healthy and inspired Ukrainian appetite! Never mind how other people eat, but we, not so rich people, or one can even say people very far from being rich, are used to eating in grand style. It is not without reason that our phrase, "Love comes and goes, but you will always want to eat!", simply does not translate well into other languages - probably foreigners simply just do not have such words. So, what am I talking about? Oh yeah, about the unmatched Ukrainian cuisine! "There's no fish better than tench, and no meat better than pork." Among all the dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, for example, that of the very beginning of the XX century, one can single out several subcategories, which were the most popular among native Ukrainian people: those made from grains, beans, vegetables, and fruits. Note than in the old days, dishes made from meat were considered food for festive days only, and among all the existing kinds of meat, the undisputable preference was given to pork and certainly (could there be any doubting it?) salo - oh, our Ukrainian salo!

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