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  7. Richelieu

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Price: from $20 to $30 per person
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A Story of Valeria's Diet.

On Saturday, the staircase in Dynamo-Lux was swarming with the fans of Valeria, the Moscow pop-diva, and looked like the queue to the mausoleum.

"Good evening! For me these things are a bit difficult to understand - I only found out about the press conference at midnight. Nevertheless, I am very happy to have talked with Kyiv's journalists!" These were the words uttered by Valeria, the tiny and slim mother of three children, a vegetarian to the bones (but not really such a strict one!) at the beginning of her performance.

Surprisingly perhaps, the progressive singer is actively interested in the Internet. The fact that she released her first Internet album is proof to that. In her daily routine she uses information technology all the time, although she does not often go on the Net, i.e. she buys her own groceries without the Internet and never reserves tables in restaurants

However, she does visit restaurants. On her last visit to Kyiv, for example, she went out to the Cantina Azteca restaurant. Although not a fervent vegetarian ("Fish we eat, and sea food game we don't"), she took this line thanks to her husband and producer, Aleksandr Shulgin, and ordered primarily vegetable and sweet dishes - Mexican Salad and Chemichangas stuffed with cherry jam, oranges and creams. The latter dish, by the way, did not spoil her figure.

"The best diet - is fitness", Valeria acknowledges. "As for my favorite dish, it is difficult to say. This season it is probably "Okroshka" because it is so hot! In general, since I am on tour all the time, I prefer to eat in restaurants. I like Japanese cuisine - rice, and raw fish - although every nation has its own dishes that are interesting and tasty. The same characterizes the Ukrainian cuisine. This time I visited the Pervak restaurant. It is all so awesome! I loved the interior so very much. But I try to eat when I get home. I can cook an omelet with bananas myself, for example Sometimes I cook breakfast for my children. Frankly though the nanny does it more often".

Aleksandr Shulgin spoils his wife with special dinners. One could write a collection of stories if Sasha could remember all of them, because each time he cooks he improvises. Sometimes even Valeria, who considers herself a culinary specialist, cannot distinguish the ingredients that comprise these dishes.

She also has a way with wines (at home she always keeps a bottle of Perrier for her friends and the journalists), but she drinks only a little:

"I hardly ever drink and in the summertime heat I prefer drinking chilled (but not ice-cold) water. I disagree with the opinion that alcohol helps you to relax - I am able to relax without it."

A culinary joke from Valeria:

"Very often when on tour going to different places and visiting restaurants, waiters come up to me with their eyes wide open writing everything down meticulously and then bring something very different and I often recall the joke:

A visitor goes into a restaurant and orders a steak:

- Bring a well-done one in oil and wine and sprinkle it with a sauce . So on and so forth The waiter asks more questions and jots everything down thoroughly. Then he goes to the kitchen and says to the cook:

- One steak!"

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Budmo, hey! (Let's be!) The first thing which comes to my mind... No, that's not what I should say. The first picture which my imagination paints when I hear the words "the Ukrainian cuisine" is an episode from the movie of Hohol's "Evenings in the hamlet near Dykanka", where varenyky, having rolled around by themselves in sour cream, jump into Patsiuk(The Rat)'s mouth. What a great moment! What a great delicacy! And what a great way to eat it! It is certainly a pity that nobody has yet invented a "remote control for the mouth and the plate", and the above method of delivering food into the mouth is just the devil's trick or Hohol's project that is impossible to implement. But then, the amount of halushky (by the way, in a big, big bowl) is just right for our healthy and inspired Ukrainian appetite! Never mind how other people eat, but we, not so rich people, or one can even say people very far from being rich, are used to eating in grand style. It is not without reason that our phrase, "Love comes and goes, but you will always want to eat!", simply does not translate well into other languages - probably foreigners simply just do not have such words. So, what am I talking about? Oh yeah, about the unmatched Ukrainian cuisine! "There's no fish better than tench, and no meat better than pork." Among all the dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, for example, that of the very beginning of the XX century, one can single out several subcategories, which were the most popular among native Ukrainian people: those made from grains, beans, vegetables, and fruits. Note than in the old days, dishes made from meat were considered food for festive days only, and among all the existing kinds of meat, the undisputable preference was given to pork and certainly (could there be any doubting it?) salo - oh, our Ukrainian salo!

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