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  5. Richelieu

   Chicken.Kiev recommend!
Sushi bar «Pushistiy»
Location: Downtown
Cuisine: Japanese
Price: from $30 to $40 per person
discount 5%
Chicken.Kiev recommend!
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It's not the beer that kills people
but the scorching heat that does it!

(from a popular Russian song)

The summer continues on!

Not only do we want to go nude and reward the body with the cooling ability of the foamy waves, but also to treat our stomach to something light and nourishing.

According to the opinion of some culinary gurus, if you want to have fun and at the same time remain well fed and happy you go for tasty and, most importantly, quickly prepared "Okroshka" sometimes referred to as "Kvas" poured over the remnants of salad!

I don't like "Okroshka". Nevertheless, I won't argue with the professionals. Besides, according to the statistics during the summertime 8 out of 10 people prefer "Okroshka" to other dishes.

Unfortunately, people in Western Europe and Northern Asia are not familiar with this old Slavic dish, therefore in Japanese, Chinese and Indian restaurants you will be offered other summer dishes. By the way, nipping on ahead, I would like to mention "Sushi", which in summertime is especially nice and good, but also dangerous. Unless you get the chance to check whether the fish is fresh or not, I would suggest that you only go to reputable restaurants.

Let us now return to Ukrainian cuisine, and "Okroshka", which this year has become a popular, and to a certain extent, cult dish, in our restaurants. Its price ranges from 7 to 18 Hryvnias. For example, in restaurants like Richelieu, Pervak, and Augustine the cold soup costs UAH 15.00, or UAH 9.25 at Rosichi, UAH 18.00 in Miami Blues, UAH 12.00 in Dikanka, and UAH 7.00 at Korona.

In many places "Okroshka" is served with ice, which you sometimes have to fish out with a spoon, since the amount of ice-cold water added exceeds twice the norm. But this is not really a problem, since in such scorching heat a piece of ice is always very much welcome. Besides ice, finely chopped vegetables are dressed in different restaurants differently - some use "Kvas", some sour-cream, and yet others use "Kefir".

Incidentally, there are three "pros" to getting to like "Okroshka", especially for perceiving it not only as a thirst-quenching dish, but also as a preventative remedy:

1. "You can't eat it, but you have to": according to the opinion of the dieticians, in the heat of the summer, gastric juice is poorly produced and causes the digestion process to slow down.

2. There is not always room for creativity: the back yard vegetable garden is abundant and attractive with its fresh crop. The vitamins won't hurt you.

3. If as a dressing you use "Kefir" or sour-cream, perhaps you'll think about of the benefits of a sour-dairy diet.

Apart from the "chilled soups", it wouldn't be fair not to mention other types of liquids that also help us to suppress our thirst and carry us through the heat. Sometimes we are obsessed with a craving to approach the bar stand and have a quick one of something that cools your soul and the whole of your insides Few things could be easier! The restaurants went actively in search of something that would raise the "merriness" of their visitors and came up with something more elaborate than just mineral water and juices with ice.

The important specific of summer drinks is that they contain little, if any, alcohol.

At the Azteca Mexican restaurant visitors are offered, free of charge at that (i.e. as a house treat), a bright and sunny Sangria. This cocktail contains red wine, orange juice and fruits. However, besides Sangria you can order your choice of fruit and dairy products, low-alcohol or alcohol-free, nourishing and cooling at the same time, cocktails and shakes at an average price of UAH 15 to 30.

The Pantagruel tavern also prepared for the heat and unavoidable thirst of visitors, with a number of "summertime cooling-off drinks". The ingredients in Pantagruel's cocktails are very different: juices, milk, coffee, Champagne, Campari, and various liqueurs. Nothing useless and no heavy here - just stimulating and chilling! The average price for a cocktail is UAH 30 to 40.

In Horets restaurant you can ease the heat, by having breakfast and tasting a great "hangover-killer" called Sagarejo for UAH 10.00. This truly Caucasian beverage contains Borjomi and Matsoni: the former is mineral water, and the latter is Georgian sour milk.

In the creative Concord restaurant your thirst will be quenched by a light Makhito cocktail (UAH 20.00), the main components of which are rum, fresh mint grated with sugar and lemon, crushed ice and, to taste, Sprite.

In the Tsarske Selo restaurant, instead of chilled drinks, treat yourself to cool mousses: chocolate and nuts with ice-cream containing hazel-nuts, fat-free cocoa, natural components, gelatin, milk or strawberry ice-cream, and strawberries and cream.

Besides, some visitors, having tried to quench their thirst with aperitifs and "Okroshka", are not afraid to try something more than that.

And here, where care for the stomachs of guests has no boundaries, the restaurant's chefs, in order to spare visitors from heavy foods, did their absolute best by offering various exquisite dishes putting them on the "summertime menu" that differs from a regular one by its large choice of vegetables, fruits, fish and light meat dishes.

Regardless of the fact that red pepper quenches the thirst and helps to carry you through the heat, the "summertime menu" in Azteca is less spicy than the regular one. We recommend trying baked eggplants with mushrooms and cheese (UAH 29.00). But remember the dish is so large that it is very hard to eat it all even with two people working on it.

In Korona you can try a couple of healthy (rich in vitamins) fish dishes - salmon with cottage cheese stuffing and fresh spices (UAH 43.00) or the Tomcod with vegetables (UAH 29.00).

Chef Jerome Ray at Le Grand Cafe has composed a balanced summertime menu consisting of two dishes (UAH 55.00) for gourmets: Tomato Gazpacho, and fillet of "White amur" marinated in Tandori spice with Thai jasmine rice.

At Mimino, Rizo has created a special Georgian menu with superb vegetable dishes among those standing out are Vegetable Dolma - paprika with vegetables and rice stewed in Georgian spices (UAH 39.00) - and, of course, the Vegetable Shashlyk (UAH 39.00) with eggplants, tomatoes, sweet pepper, onions, and mushrooms done on the grill.

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Budmo, hey! (Let's be!) The first thing which comes to my mind... No, that's not what I should say. The first picture which my imagination paints when I hear the words "the Ukrainian cuisine" is an episode from the movie of Hohol's "Evenings in the hamlet near Dykanka", where varenyky, having rolled around by themselves in sour cream, jump into Patsiuk(The Rat)'s mouth. What a great moment! What a great delicacy! And what a great way to eat it! It is certainly a pity that nobody has yet invented a "remote control for the mouth and the plate", and the above method of delivering food into the mouth is just the devil's trick or Hohol's project that is impossible to implement. But then, the amount of halushky (by the way, in a big, big bowl) is just right for our healthy and inspired Ukrainian appetite! Never mind how other people eat, but we, not so rich people, or one can even say people very far from being rich, are used to eating in grand style. It is not without reason that our phrase, "Love comes and goes, but you will always want to eat!", simply does not translate well into other languages - probably foreigners simply just do not have such words. So, what am I talking about? Oh yeah, about the unmatched Ukrainian cuisine! "There's no fish better than tench, and no meat better than pork." Among all the dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, for example, that of the very beginning of the XX century, one can single out several subcategories, which were the most popular among native Ukrainian people: those made from grains, beans, vegetables, and fruits. Note than in the old days, dishes made from meat were considered food for festive days only, and among all the existing kinds of meat, the undisputable preference was given to pork and certainly (could there be any doubting it?) salo - oh, our Ukrainian salo!

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