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  5. Richelieu

   Chicken.Kiev recommend!
Pizzeria «Chelentano»
Location: Pechersk
Cuisine: Italian
Price: from $10 to $20 per person
Chicken.Kiev recommend!
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Bar «Pilsner Bar» 
Cuisine: Czech
Open: 10.00 - 00.00
Cards accepted: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard/Eurocard, Maestro Cirrus
Location: Downtown
Address: Kyiv, 20 Pushkinska St.
Parking: yes

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One of the most popular places in Kyiv. Here you can really relax and drink magnificent Czech beer, both dark and light, of the famous and ancient Pilsner brand. By the way, you get to know something about the history of brewing it, from the photographs exhibited like in a museum, decorating three rooms in this bar, with its interior looking like a brewery.

The interior is conducive to cordial conversations. While talking, you will not notice as you drink beer after beer. There is also something to go with the beer. This bar's menu, mostly offering Czech and German cuisine, could be a matter of envy for any restaurant. Anybody entering this place will love it for the rest of their life. Breakfast from 8.00 till 11.00. Business lunch from 11.00 till 15.00. Satellite TV showing sporting events (Formula-1, football, basketball, and boxing). Live music; Karaoke at weekends. The Pilsner Bar, a little corner of the good old Czechia, invites you for a friendly and merry feast.


Мороженое (150)
20.00 грн/uah
Фруктовый салат (250)
Fruit salad
20.00 грн/uah
Мороженое с фруктами (300)
Ice-cream with fruits
20.00 грн/uah
Яблочный пирог (300)
Apple pie
15.00 грн/uah
Банана "Сплит" (280)
Banana "Split"
20.00 грн/uah
Профитроли с мороженым (250)
Profitroles with ice-cream
20.00 грн/uah
Блинчики с мороженым (260)
Pancakes with ice-cream
20.00 грн/uah
Картофель фри (200)
French fries
10.00 грн/uah
Картофель молодой (220)
Boiled potato
10.00 грн/uah
Капуста тушеная (200)
Stewed cabbage
10.00 грн/uah
Meat Dishes
Свинина гриль (350)
Grilled pork
40.00 грн/uah
Свинина с ореховым соусом (400)
Fried pork with nut sauce
45.00 грн/uah
Запеченное "Вепрово колено" (1350)
Stewed pork shank with cabbage
70.00 грн/uah
Куриные грудки с грибами (350)
Chicken breast with mushrooms
40.00 грн/uah
Куриные грудки с соусом карри (300)
Chicken breast with curry sauce
40.00 грн/uah
Куриное филе с ананасами (400)
Chicken breast with pineapple
40.00 грн/uah
Утиное филе (310)
Fried duck fillet
80.00 грн/uah
Шашлык по-моравски (320)
Moravian chicken shashlik
25.00 грн/uah
Котлеты по-киевски (300)
Kiev's cutlet
25.00 грн/uah
Жаркое по-домашнему в горшочке (400)
Braised veal potatoes and mushrooms
30.00 грн/uah
Гуляш по-старочешски (350)
Traditional beeff goulash
30.00 грн/uah
Говядина гриль (350)
Grilled beef
40.00 грн/uah
Говядина с зеленым перцем (400)
Fried beef with green pepper sauce
45.00 грн/uah
Баранина гриль (300)
Grilled mutton
45.00 грн/uah
Ассорти гриль мясное (450)
Tasty collectian of grilled meat (pork, beef, chicken)
50.00 грн/uah
Осетрина отварная (385)
Bolled sturgeon with cold sauce
40.00 грн/uah
Осетрина гриль (335)
Grilled sturgeon
40.00 грн/uah
Лосось гриль (350)
Grilled salmon
40.00 грн/uah
Радужная форель (350)
Grilled trout
35.00 грн/uah
Лосось под ананасовым соусом (400)
Sulmon with pineapple sauce and curty
45.00 грн/uah
Креветки в кисло-сладком соусе (450)
Shrimps with sour-sweet dressing
90.00 грн/uah
Шашлык из креветок
Shrimps shashlik
90.00 грн/uah
Шашлык из осетрины
Sturgeon shashlik
45.00 грн/uah
Ассорти гриль рыбное
Collection of grilled fish (sturgeon, salmon, shrimp)
80.00 грн/uah
Колбаски пивовары (240)
Brewer's sausages
18.00 грн/uah
Домашняя колбаска (300)
Homemade sausage
20.00 грн/uah
Рагу к пиву (300)
Ragout (brewer's sausages, mushrooms, pepper)
25.00 грн/uah
Баварские сосиски жареные с беконом (400)
Bavarian sausages grilled with bacon
30.00 грн/uah
Куриные крылышки барбекю (330)
Chicken wings with barbecue sauce
35.00 грн/uah
Свиные ребрышки барбекю (340)
Barbecue pork ribs
35.00 грн/uah
Чили кон карне (350)
Chili Con Carne
20.00 грн/uah
Сыр "Праздрой" (330)
Baked ham with melted cheese
25.00 грн/uah
Луковые кольца с двумя соусами (210)
Onion rings served with two sauces
22.00 грн/uah
Кольца кальмаров с чесночным соусом (280)
Fried calamarings with garlic sauce
30.00 грн/uah
Лазанья (300)
25.00 грн/uah
Креветки к пиву (240)
Fried shrimps
30.00 грн/uah
Жареные грибы в сметане (150)
Mushrooms fried with sour cream
18.00 грн/uah
Деруны (280)
Freld potatoes pancakes
18.00 грн/uah
Печень с луком жареная в вине (340)
Fried lever with onion
25.00 грн/uah
Пельмени (210)
Russian pelment
18.00 грн/uah
Вареники с картошкой (210)
Dumpling with potato
18.00 грн/uah
Вареники с мясом (210)
Dumpling with meat
20.00 грн/uah
Хліб пшеничний (50) 0.50 грн/uah
Солянка мясная (300)
Meat based solianka
15.00 грн/uah
Солянка рыбная (300)
Fish based solianka
20.00 грн/uah
Свекольник (холодный борщ) (300)
Cold borsch
12.00 грн/uah
Борщ украинский с пампушками (370)
Tradition ukrainian borsch
15.00 грн/uah
Суп шампиньоновый (300)
Field mushrooms soup
15.00 грн/uah
Фасолевый суп (300)
Puree of beans
12.00 грн/uah
Суп дня
Soup of the day
8.00 грн/uah
Салат "Шопский" (350)
Chopski salad
(pepper, tomato, onion, cucumber, feta cheese, oregano)
25.00 грн/uah
Салат оригинальный к пиву (300)
Original beer salad
(corn, pepper, onion, roquefort, pork, mustard sause)
22.00 грн/uah
Салат овощной (300)
Mixed vegetables salad
(tomato, sologougne cheese, onion, garlic)
20.00 грн/uah
Закуска из маринованных овощей (350)
Assorts from pickled vegetables
25.00 грн/uah
Салат с лососем и креветками (500)
Vegetable salad with salmon and shrimps
(tomato, pepper, cucember, salted salmon, shrimps)
45.00 грн/uah
"Нежный" салат из морепродуктов (550)
Sea food salad
(cocktail of seafood, corn, pepper, sauce)
45.00 грн/uah
Салат из помидоров с бастурмой (320)
Salad from tomato with basturma
20.00 грн/uah
Кабачки жареные с чесночным соусом (225)
Fried marrow with garlic sauce
20.00 грн/uah
Бастурма (100)
16.00 грн/uah
Мясная закуска (120)
Mix of genuine delicatessen
(roasted turkey, salami, basturma, sologougne cheese)
20.00 грн/uah
Полярные креветки (200)
North pole shrimps
25.00 грн/uah
Коктейль из креветок (250)
Shrimp cocktail
35.00 грн/uah
Лосось соленый (137)
Lightly salted salmon
22.00 грн/uah
Маринованная селедка с луком (150)
Marinade berring with onion
15.00 грн/uah
Маслины (120)
12.00 грн/uah
Профитроли с паштетом (300)
Profitroles with liver pate
20.00 грн/uah
Общая сумма грн/uah

Обновление 31.01.2001

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Budmo, hey! (Let's be!) The first thing which comes to my mind... No, that's not what I should say. The first picture which my imagination paints when I hear the words "the Ukrainian cuisine" is an episode from the movie of Hohol's "Evenings in the hamlet near Dykanka", where varenyky, having rolled around by themselves in sour cream, jump into Patsiuk(The Rat)'s mouth. What a great moment! What a great delicacy! And what a great way to eat it! It is certainly a pity that nobody has yet invented a "remote control for the mouth and the plate", and the above method of delivering food into the mouth is just the devil's trick or Hohol's project that is impossible to implement. But then, the amount of halushky (by the way, in a big, big bowl) is just right for our healthy and inspired Ukrainian appetite! Never mind how other people eat, but we, not so rich people, or one can even say people very far from being rich, are used to eating in grand style. It is not without reason that our phrase, "Love comes and goes, but you will always want to eat!", simply does not translate well into other languages - probably foreigners simply just do not have such words. So, what am I talking about? Oh yeah, about the unmatched Ukrainian cuisine! "There's no fish better than tench, and no meat better than pork." Among all the dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, for example, that of the very beginning of the XX century, one can single out several subcategories, which were the most popular among native Ukrainian people: those made from grains, beans, vegetables, and fruits. Note than in the old days, dishes made from meat were considered food for festive days only, and among all the existing kinds of meat, the undisputable preference was given to pork and certainly (could there be any doubting it?) salo - oh, our Ukrainian salo!

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